Zhilinet Limited is a sports and event Management Company, provider of expert Social Media Services and other specialized Consultancy Services. Zhilinet has offices in Ghana, South Africa and Switzerland with world renowned Sports and Events Experts on board.

At Zhilinet, we believe that talent like any other company can be managed and polished to meet world class standards. Our young and talented, with interest in professional football must be given viable conditions such as proper management, training and exposure to tournaments and competitions to enable them develop the spirit of football.

I believe that what can really take these young, talented amateur far, is to make them aware of the opportunities and lucrativeness of the career paths they have chosen. As Zhilinet is involved in a broad area of expertise (player and sports management services, social networking and event management), its blends these services in a way that unearth, polish and expose innate football skills for the world's consumption by introducing them to international clubs.

Our website also serves as a social media platform and gives the opportunity to communicate or interact with other people globally. It can also be used to promote business. It isn't just a social media site used to socialize with your friends but it also represents a huge pool of information for day to day living.