Zhilinet Limited is contracted by the Organisation for African Development (OAD) to organise the various programs under the FOODGOALS AFRICAN FARMERS AND AGRICULTURAL RESEARCHERS (AFAR) AWARDS initiative.

Undoubtedly, the Youth of today are ambitious yet impatient and like a time bomb, they can explode at any time if care is not taken. We must direct their energy into good and productive use else "evil will find work for their idle minds and hands" and by then it will be too late for any action”. The Organisation for African Development (OAD) believes that the best way to improve human lives, and make governing easier for African Leaders, is to make agriculture and aquaculture Economically and Socially attractive for the Youth – by creating an enabling operating environment; that includes infrastructure, technology, education, input credits, improved markets access and capacity building for our young agribiz entrepreneurs - to be profitably engaged in lucrative agriculture. Unemployed Youth are a danger to themselves and the continent’s development. Our people, particularly the youth, make perilous journeys abroad in a desperate attempt to escape the “lack of economic opportunities in Africa”.

It is towards the eradication of these problems that OAD has designed the FOODGOALS AFRICAN FARMERS AND AGRICULTURAL RESEARCHERS (AFAR) AWARDS and the post award projects christened “Peace And Ethical Prosperity Programme” to promote agriculture and create better opportunities for farmers, especially the Youth and Women. The FOODGOALS AFAR AWARDS brings notable icons and role models in African politics, business, industry, sports and culture, together in a great event that will recognise, honour and encourage the work of outstanding African farmers and agricultural researchers – because we need food security.

OAD has designed this uniquely innovative self-financing and self-sustaining initiative to be celebrated yearly in every country across African and periodically at the continental level.



Work hand in hand with the international community, other government and non-governmental organisations to:

  • Prevent the unemployed YOUTH from joining Violent Extremist Organisations by focusing their energy and exuberance towards lucrative agricultural ventures
  • Collaborate with cultural, sports (particularly football), business and leadership ICONS to sink our message into the hearts of the YOUTH of Africa to see agriculture as a lucrative venture.
  • Eradicate YOUTH radicalism and YOUTH migration in Africa



  • Best African Youth Farmer
  • Best African Female in Agriculture
  • Best African Female Agricultural Researcher
  • Best Agriculture Extension Officer
  • Agricultural achievers inspiring younger generations.
  • Promoters of Innovative Farming Methods to the YOUTH
  • Promoters of Peace and Teamwork for Better Food Security
  • Best Technology Provider Impacting Agricultural Landscape
  • Best African Celebrity into Agriculture



  • Organising farmers into groups (community, district, regional and national levels))
  • Designing strategies to secure and to maintain farmlands with special focus on benefits to women and the youth.
  • Conducting soil and seed research in collaboration with our key partners for the mapping of African soils according to their advantages.
  • Identifying and introducing Impact Investment Funds for Farmers and Farmer co-operative society.
  • Life After Prison Project
  • Community Care Peace Project (CCPP)



  • Press Launch at FIFA
  • Pre-Launch at the next African Union General Assembly
  • Charity Football Game (African XI against the World XI)
  • Awards Presentation and Fundraising Dinner